zone your home

Lifestyle and convenience

A system from zone your home creates endless possibilities for how your home can work in harmony with you.  Here are a few examples to get you thinking....

Coming home

The system receives GPS information from your smart phone which signals that you are approaching your home; the automatic gates or garage door open and the garden lights come up to full brightness.  The heating is increased from the setback position and the house lighting is turned on whilst your favourite music station starts to play via your Sonos system.  Imagine as you enter the front door not having to fumble for a light switch with a handful of shopping bags.


You are watching a movie and cannot hear the doorbell; the RGB LED lights in your sitting room flash or change colour to let you know the doorbell has been pressed, a picture of your visitor has been sent to your smart phone and you can let them in by remotely activating the door lock.  Similarly trusted trades people could be given access when you were not at home, but motion detectors in areas they do not need to enter could be armed and would alert you if they were straying from where they should be.  When a parcel delivery driver rings the doorbell and you get an alert, you could release the side gate lock remotely so that the parcel can be left securely out of sight.

Sunrise and sunset

A house needs to adapt as darkness approaches.  Blinds and curtains need to close, lights need to switch on both inside and outside, different rooms may need to be heated as the family move around the home.  All of this can be simply automated to blend in with your lifestyle.

Create scenes

With the press of a button or alternatively via a pre-set time, scenes can be activated.  To watch a movie the blinds can be brought down, the lighting dimmed and the TV turned on, all working together.  For dinner lights, music, room temperature can all be adjusted.  Your kettle could be boiled in the morning whilst you are taking a shower with your breakfast TV channel selected for when you get to the kitchen.  

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