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Zonal Heating Pack (7 zones)


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Upgrade your heating system controls without the mess and upheaval of new pipes and plumbing changes!  We can fit smart controls that can be controlled in a number of ways:

  1. From heating schedule easily set up for each zone and accessible anywhere in the world.
  2. Short term changes and overrides easily can be made via your SmartPhone or Tablet App both in and out of the home.
  3. The smart thermostat and radiator valves can also still be manually changed for short term overrides at the controls themselves.  So you lose none of the traditional accessibility but gain accurate, controllable radiator zones around the home.

We replace your traditional room thermostat with an accurate smart version that can be controlled in and out of the home.  We will then zone off 7 other radiators by replacing your existing manual thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's) with wireless TRV's that can be programmed with individual heating schedules.  Every room can have its own schedule or we can group them into similar rooms e.g. bedrooms etc.  Solutions for underfloor and electric heating also available.  No thermostat? - don't worry we can fit a wireless one (small additional cost).

Ideal as a first step into home control or as a base pack on which to customise your own system.  The Zonal Heating pack includes the following:

  • Fibaro Home Center Lite central controller
  • Secure SRT323 thermostat
  • 7 Danfoss Living Connect wireless TRVs for individual room control
    • Pre-supply discussion to agree what control you want to achieve
    • Installation
    • Commissioning

    Please note: the image is for general illustrative purposes; only the products specified above are included in the package.  Please check carefully to ensure what you need is included.  Any queries then please contact us, we are happy to advise and help.

    The above installation and commissioning services are generally supplied within approximately 100 miles of Bath.  If your house is unusual or outside of this area then please contact us for a custom quotation prior to ordering.